elcome to my website I hope you like it. I've tried my best to show off my work - but sometimes it's nice to hear about how I got to where I am.


've always drawn and always been creative spending years sitting in classrooms at school, lectures at university and meetings at work drawing silly pictures to keep myself awake before I realised that some people actually get paid for doing just that... So I decided to pitch in and offer my services at conferences, workshops and seminars. I like to give customers more than the generic faces, lightbulb moments and arrows you'll find other Graphic Facilitators doing - there's humour and a lot of listening in my work.


here's more to my talents than just graphic facilitation.


spent over twenty years involved in community arts projects and worked in local authority community education for over ten years. If you need any groupwork or facilitation prepared I have a wealth of experience and can deliver full projects including grant applications. My background includes:

Whatever it is you would like done we can probably do it.